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What is Deadbreed?

Deadbreed is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) with RPG elements. The game includes deep hero customization which contributes a lot towards the gameplay. Each hero created will work differently with the items available and finding an appropriate build for one hero will not necessarily work with other heroes. During gameplay players may find it useful to try to understand the way enemy heros work so they can fight against them more efficiently later in the game. There are a multitude of fighting methods but it is very important to make sure it fits the hero and the play style of the player.

Game Info
  • Tactical 3vs3 battles online versus players or AI combatants.
  • Choose your hero from a wide range of night-, half- and daybreed. Each hero has its own unique set of special abilities and plays differently depending on the way you equip them!
  • Heroes level up with matches – Earn experience to rank up the heroes you favor.
  • Artifact Items level up and wear down with matches – Earn experience to unlock upgrades and crafting relic slots for your artifacts.
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